5 Key Differences between Hotels and Short let rental properties

While hotels have long been the choice of travelers venturing off to explore new destinations or business travelers looking for a home-away-from home, more and more people are turning to Airbnb options around the globe.

This poses a question for hosts new to the Airbnb market: How much of a ‘hotel experience’ are guests going to expect from my property?

To understand this better, and to enable hosts to provide the experience guests are likely to expect, it’s important to consider the five key differences between an Airbnb vacation home-share and a hotel:

Airbnb Offers More Flexibility

Guests looking for more flexibility during their break are more likely to choose a short let airbnb than a hotel. This type of rental allows guests to cook at home or eat out depending on their current mood, much like when at home. After a long day of sightseeing, guests sometimes prefer take-out in front of the telly watching a movie to having to go out to eat. While most hotels provide dinner and breakfast options, many only have a kettle for coffee or tea in-room. With an airbnb,  guests are able to cook as much or as little as they wish.

Experiencing Life like a Local

Many travelers today would prefer to immerse themselves in the local culture and experience their vacation as if they were a local. There is no better way to do this than to take up residence in a home-share property. This type of stay also gives guests more access to local features, such as a garden or beautiful architecture in an old building that one would otherwise not see. Living like a local gives way to more exploration and the potential for unplanned adventure. Hotels thrive on offering a well-orchestrated experience, with staff to make guests feel comfortable and pampered, separate and apart from locals.

That ‘At-Home’ Feeling

No matter how much effort a hotel puts into making guests feel at home it will never feel as warm and inviting as a real home. Regardless of whether it is a beachside cottage, a luxury home in London’s high-class neighbourhoods or a flat in the city, travelers can find what will make them feel at home through our client listings at Air Angels Management. Prospective renters looking at short-lets spend time researching their ideal accommodations, looking at the amenity options and imagining themselves ‘living’ in the residence during their stay. Hosts can take advantage of this by offering more at an increased fee. Hosts should also ensure that amenities are properly highlighted so that guests see what they are getting.

More Adventure

Guests looking for a vacation that leaves room for adventure are more likely to choose a short-let. They will see the excitement in having to navigate to their rental location and in unlocking the door when they arrive. Hotels are able to offer some amenities that a home share rental doesn’t, such as a bell boy or refreshment, but hosts can offset this by ensuring they provide solid directions, including information about the address, key location, floor (if applicable), and any other information that will make their arrival more enjoyable. Hosts can even provide additional information such as fastest route to the destination, or highlights along the way not to be missed.

Room Service

Hosts won’t be able to provide room service, however hosts can provide information about take-out options in the neighbourhood. They also provide fresh linen for each new guest but most guests to such rentals do not expect hotel service on a daily basis.

At Air Angels Management we strive to ensure your guests enjoy their stay by highlighting your property in a way that attracts the most suitable guests.