Create a Unique Guest Experience

Many people find travel, and staying in a new place to be a luxurious experience, regardless of whether it is for business or pleasure. When they choose a hotel they expect a high quality experience, including a clean and appealing space. Guests that choose to stay in Airbnb rentals are often looking for something a little different – they still want the high quality accommodations, but they also want a more authentic and personal experience. For this reason it is important that Airbnb hosts ensure that they offer a more personal touch, which goes a long way to increase positive reviews.

Hosts can accomplish through a variety of ways.


Make Your Guests Feel Like a Local

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You know your neighborhood – but your guests likely don’t. Make them feel like a local by giving them tips and recommendations to local shops, restaurants, and hot spots. With more people getting out and walking for health it can also be a great help to know where to find the most interesting or beautiful areas. Include addresses of local museums or theatres and your guests will feel like they have a personal concierge.

Because many travelers don’t have vehicles it is also very helpful to offer information about local travel – public transportation, taxi services, and other options. This saves your guests time when trying to figure out how to get around.




Relaxation is often a main goal on any trip, so be sure that your space is designed to provide a comfortable experience. You have more space than hotels can offer, so use larger furniture which can create an air of comfort even when simply looking at it.

Make your kitchen easy to use with organized dishes and cooking equipment. Include extras such as board games or entertainment options that will make them feel more at home.

Use plush throw blankets and large pillows. Little things like complimentary shampoo and conditioner can be inexpensive to provide but very appreciated. Little extras go a long way to boost good reviews.

Special Touches

Special Touches


Many guests are new to the area, and sometimes the country – so it can be beneficial to include local culture in your space design. A picture book of the area on the coffee table, photographs on the wall of local scenery, or information about a local restaurant offering great local cuisine are ideal to help your guests immerse themselves into your locale. If there are tours available in the area be sure to leave information for your guests so that they are able to explore the region if they wish.

Airbnb Experience Hosting

Airbnb has recently launched a new opportunity for hosts and guests. Hosts are able to create a personalized experience for their guests, which can include excursions, walking tours, food tours, bike tours, or any number of options that interest visitors. Guests are then given the opportunity to book such experiences when booking their accommodation. This is another way to increase revenue when becoming an Airbnb host.

Contact Air Angels Management to book your property evaluation. Our experts will help you create the perfect Airbnb guest experience which will translate into increased revenues and positive reviews from happy travelers.