The Weekend Holiday Rental Makeover

You’ve decided to take the plunge and offer your property as a holiday let with the idea of generating a stable rental income.

Your home now becomes your guests home. 

You have to take into consideration those homely touches that your guests would like to see. But with small budget and a lack of time; interior design can often be put towards the back of your mind.

We’ve put together a short list that you can complete on a weekend to make your holiday rental appeal to potential visitors – without breaking the bank or your back.

Recycle Furniture Pieces

I once read an article that said a beautiful home should beautiful home should feature: something new, something old and something gold. So lets start with the old. Upcycling, Recycling and Reclaimed the most popular concepts of 2018. We’re all trying to do our bit for the environment now-a-days and what a better place to start than brushing off those antiques once hidden away or reupholstering that beautiful designed arm chair. I’m a big fan of flea markets as you can find unique items, such as tables and dressers – without breaking the bank.

Add Some Fluff

Something new? One of the easiest ways to create the feeling of luxury in a room is to add large, soft furnishings that create warmth and texture; such as over-sized throw; mismatched (yet beautifully presented) cushions and pillows and rugs that make your toes feel warm to the touch. Often soft furnishings can be over-looked but they ultimately will change the entire ambience of a room without having to redecorate.

Create a Focal Point

Onto something gold. Every major room should have an item that presents that wow factor to your guests. This could be a beautiful hand-crafted armoire; ornate headboard; a mirror that states grandure or a stunning piece of artwork. The item should draw the eyes and make a statement – a piece that our guests will remember. After all, your properties character and charm will go down in your guests holiday memories.

Environmentally Friendly Design

The growing global concern about the health of our planet has translated into eco-conscious travelers. Property owners can go a long way to improving the desirability of their holiday let by making their property eco-friendly. Offer recycling bins; greenery for healthier indoor air; energy efficient appliances and light bulbs to name a few. Good for your soul and also good for optimising your listing on Airbnb.

As more people seek out ways to avoid harming the planet, they are also seeking out vacation options from property owners that share the same values. Ensuring that your eco-friendly design is featured in your listing can increase your rentals.

Rearrange Your Furniture

In some cases simply moving furniture around in a room can give it a whole new feel. Once you’ve got your focal point nailed your furniture should compliment this. If you’re lucky enough to own a fireplace this creates a natural focal point – simply arrange your furniture in such a way to feature the fireplace and create a cozy atmosphere. If you have beautiful views from your windows be sure to draw attention to these views, perhaps by using beautifully draped curtains to frame the windows.

Air Angels offers additional options to help you create the right atmosphere for your guests, such as fresh linen supply, toiletries, and cleaning services. Fresh linens go a long way to give your guests that hotel, pampered feeling.  We also offer 24-hour check-in, which takes the pressure off you as a host when you are unable to be there.

With free interior design advice – contact Air Angels today to determine how much you can earn from our property management services.